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What-Ifs Eating Us Up Slowly

Whether you admit it or not, you have something that you regret and now you are filled with things like what-ifs. Sometimes, these questions eat us up and tend to make us think what we could have done in that situation that might have changed the outcome. That is why it is important to do scenario analysis so that we won’t regret anything in the future. Apparently, this idea teaches us that while still on the current situation, learn to see all the aspects and see what you can do so that you can have a positive outcome.

Negative Outcomes Of Not Analyzing

• Regrets – this is the biggest thing that would eat you up if you don’t analyze a certain situation. The regrets that you feel that you should have done something instead of nothing so that you could have evaded the negative outcome you are experiencing
• Downsides – believe it or not, there are real downsides when it comes to not being able to analyze a situation and overlooking it. If we take things for granted, there might be a time that you would know its importance, but everything is already too late since it has passed already. That is why analyzing is very crucial if you want things to go on your way and not experience something bad out of it.

• No Solution – Problems come and go and they would occur whether we like it or not. Sometimes they repeat, sometimes not. However, if you don’t find a solution for that problem at the present, then you would have a hard time solving it in the future. If we rely on that it would just pass and let it happen, we might come to the point that we won’t know what to do anymore. That is why analyzing is very important for everything.
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